Prepaid Funeral Cover FAQs

What if I want a burial?

Yes, but as costs and arrangements can vary dramatically throughout the UK it is required that you discuss this with us directly or with your local independent funeral director once your funera plan has been completed. Feel free to comtact us for more information and to discuss your requirements. This is also dealt with during the creation of your personalised funeral plan.

What happens if I die while on holiday or away from home?

In the unfortunate event that you die whilst travelling. Your chosen funeral director will arrange collection from anywhere in the UK, although a fee may apply. If you die outside of the UK then repatriation costs will be incurred. These costs are normal covered by a normal travel insurance policy.

How can I pay for my funeral plan?

There are a number of ways you can pay for your GAP funeral plan. Feel free to contact us directly to discuss payment options.

What if I die before I have paid in full?

The plan will continue as you have requested, this will provide guidance of your requests to your loved ones and your estate, relatives or power of attorney will pay the remaining balance.


Can I choose my Funeral Director?

You can choose a funeral director who is a member of a national association and we will confirm their acceptance of your prepaid funeral plan with you.

Is my chosen Funeral Director guaranteed to accept my plan?

In almost every circumstance the answer is yes, however funeral director and disbursement costs can vary across the UK. Your chosen Funeral Director will raise the issue of plan prices directly with us and we will always endeavour to reassure the Funeral Director of the financial security of your plan. Only if absolutely necessary will we discuss issues with you. Please be rest assured you will not be liable for any additional funeral costs or funeral charges unless you have agreed to them.

Do I have to add disbursements?

No you don’t but it is recommended. If you do choose to add a contribution towards disbursements, they may be covered at the time of need. Unfortunately, because these disbursement costs are not set by funeral directors the inflationary rate at which these costs could increase are not in the control of the funeral director.

Can I personalise my plan?

The GAP Plan is designed to be personal to you; choose one of the standard funeral plans and personalise that with your own preferences. Typica items include readings, songs, hymns, flowers or donations to charity.


What happens if I move?

Your GAP Plan is completely transferable; you can nominate another UK funeral director or if your circumstances change, cancel the plan and receive a full refund of the funeral plan price.

Why don’t you offer funeral discounts or vouchers like other funeral plan providers?

Quite simply we don’t think we need too! We offer market leading rates for our funeral plans. Therefore it makes no sense to artificially increase our prices just to offer a discount afterwards. We provide a fantastic value product that is designed to serve the funera plan holder and the funeral directors first. We put quality of service before our profit. Our business income is by way of a one off admin fee that is incurred when the funeral plan is initially setup.

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